Best Sketching Paper for Beginners in 2022

Before we get into the best sketching paper we should discuss one subject and that is the difference between sketching paper and drawing paper. Many people use them interchangeably and if you were going to do that, I would go with drawing paper. The reason is that sketching paper is made more for unfinished works, … Read more

Ten Must-Have Tools for Serious Watch Repair

If you are going to seriously repair watches, there are ten must-have tools for serious watch repair. Sure, if you want to replace the battery in your $20 watch you bought from Walmart, you just need a couple of little things you can get cheap. If you want to be able to do that and … Read more

Best Screwdriver Set for Watch Repair

Getting the best screwdriver set for watch repair you can is an absolute necessity and probably your most used watch repair tools. Sure, other tools are important, but no other tool has the capability to permanently destroy your watch faster and more completely than the simple screwdriver. It is also the tool most capable of … Read more