5 Best Candle Making Kits You Can Get in 2022

When sitting down to write an article on the best candle making kits out there it dawned on me, there are no full beeswax kits. I long ago started using beeswax either in addition to soy or completely replacing it. Sure, beeswax is considerably more expensive but it also lasts a lot longer, needs less fragrance since it already smells sweet like honey, is more solid so does not need a container to hold it while it burns, and typically has a warmer and brighter glow.

Beeswax candles also require a larger wick since the melting point is higher than soy so you can not just use the kit you bought with all soy materials with beeswax. Fortunately, with a larger wick and some tweaking to your instructions, you can either use a beeswax and soy mix or switch completely to beeswax if you want to.

There is nothing wrong with soy candles really, they are just different. I only wanted to point out why you will not find beeswax kits in this list of best candle making kits and what you need to do to make the switch to beeswax if you want to.

Complete Candle Making Kit by SOLIGT - best candle making kits

At the top of my best candle making kits is the Complete Candle Making Kit by SOLIGT because not only does it come with everything you need to get started making soy candles, but it is all quality components. If I am going to start a hobby I plan on doing more than once, I like to have nice things. Maybe not the top of the line to start, but things I don’t have to second guess, and this is that kit.

From the melting pot with a nice and long non-metal handle, metal wick centering devices, all the way to the natural essential oil fragrances, this kit only uses top quality pieces to ensure you have a great experience. I really like the fragrances which include lavender, eucalyptus, lemon, peppermint, cinnamon, and vanilla. This means you can make some really nice scents by combining say eucalyptus and peppermint for a stay awake candle, or cinnamon and vanilla for something for the holidays.

Having quality components in the kit and a lot of essential oils to play with also means you can easily buy more wax and keep making more candles! I use old glasses, jars, and of course tins to make all kinds of candles.

All of this is why this item is not just on my best candle making kits list, but right at the top.


Complete Candle Making Kit by JulWhisper - best candle making kits

For about $15 less you can get the Complete Candle Making Kit by JulWhisper 2which is a fine kit in its own right, just a little different. Like the previous kit, this comes with the basics of wax, scents, colorants, tins, a melting pot, a spoon, wicks, and holders for the wicks. This kit also includes a pair of tweezers and a knife for trimming wicks, both of which are welcome additions. The thermometer in this kit is digital which might be a little easier to read than the old school one in the previous kit but requires batteries (they are included) which I personally don’t like.

The downsides to this kit is that the items included are just cheaper than the ones in the previous kit and it includes fewer scents. I am also pretty sure the scents are not pure essential oils but I could be mistaken. They certainly are a mix of scents, except for the lavender which may be a pure lavender essential oil. I should also point out that blocks of wax are harder to melt than pellets or shavings so you may want to cut, shave, or cube the wax before melting.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this kit and it makes very nice candles, or it wouldn’t be on my list of best candle making kits, it is just obviously a more budget-oriented kit.


Sntieecr 113 PCS Candle Making Kit

For the budget-conscious who like to build their own kits, we have the Sntieecr 113 PCS Candle Making Kit 3 For the money, I think this is the best investment in the equipment portion of the hobby if you are only making a few candles. All of the components are sturdy and while I do not like the metal handle on the melting pot, I do really like the marked graduations and deep pour spout.

To use this kit you will need either some soy wax or beeswax (note that the red indicator area of the thermometer is marked for well for either).

This is the perfect kit for a student or if you want to make candles in an area away from your stove and use something like a hotplate or bunsen burner as it is small, made for about one candle at a time.


Sntieecr 113 PCS Candle Making Kit

The first kit on my best candle making kits list was a quality kit, but it was also a little flowery, so I offer the Sntieecr 113 PCS Candle Making Kit for those who would prefer to have a high-quality kit with a few less decorations.

The components in this kit are every bit as good, if not better, than the first kit on the list. The twist here is that they include four white glass candle holders instead of the six tins in the first kit. Personally, I like this better. The downside is that you only get three essential oils instead of six and that is why the SOLIGT kit is at the top of this list and not this one. Fortunately, essential oil kits are cheap so that is easy to solve.

If you have any doubt about this kit, check out the reviews on Amazon, solid 5 stars and almost every one of them mentions quality.


Modera Candle Making Kit

If you are looking to make candles as gifts you might consider the Modera Candle Making Kit. In addition to being one of the best candle making kits for actually making the candles, it includes nice nondescript tins, very nice chalkboard labels, and a great little chalkboard marker.

The basic components are very nice, like the metal melting pot, four essential oils, 4 8oz bags of soy wax, and the excellent thermometer. Then they throw in a really nice hot glove and the labels and marker. Great value!

While I would probably look at the Sntieecr or SOLIGT kits for my personal best candle making kits, I would certainly seriously consider this as a first kit if I was planning on gifting the candles.

I hope you enjoyed my article on the best candle making kits!

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