5 Best Soap Making Kits You Can Get in 2022

Choosing the best soap making kits to recommend requires a few ground rules; it must contain everything the typical person is going to need to make the soap, and it must end with a quality finished product that you can actually use. Making soap just to say you made it is not enough, it has to end in a product you will actually use.

What follows are the best soap making kits I have found that follow those rules.

DIY Melt & Pour Shea Butter Soap Making Kit by CraftZee - best soap making kits

My first choice for the best soap making kits list was easy, the DIY Melt & Pour Shea Butter Soap Making Kit by CraftZee. This kit contains everything you need to make up to 12 bars of fantastic soap in your kitchen in an afternoon of fun.

What really makes this a great kit is that it contains the soap base that you melt in your microwave or in a double boiler, a mixing bowl to mix in the colors and fragrances which are included, and a pouring pitcher, molds, and even boxes to put the soap into when you are done. What else could you want in a beginner’s kit?

The results are also great with excellent fragrances that are just strong enough without being overpowering, and a fantastic soap base that really nice to use. Everything cleans up with just a little soap and water (yes, I was being funny there) and is ready to go again. While there is plenty of fragrance and color to make more, you would have to purchase more soap base to keep going.

When anyone wants a suggestion for the best soap making kits, this is always the first kit that jumps to mind.


DIY Luxe Rose Coconut Goat Milk Soap Making Kit - best soap making kits

Next on the list of best soap making kits is this DIY Luxe Rose Coconut Goat Milk Soap Making Kit 2which I added to this list because it is so focused and well thought out. Not only does this kit make excellent soap, and use the best 100% natural ingredients, it also is perfect for making Valentine gifts, anniversary gifts, or just for that special someone at any time of the year.

With red food coloring, amazing scents, and a rose-shaped mold, it is sure to be a hit with that special someone in your life. It may be a smaller kit, but it’s focus always makes me think of it when someone wants a gift for a special little someone.

In fact, I tend to keep a couple of these around just for use as Valentine’s day gifts.

I like this kit for its variety of molds and the fact that it uses three great essential oils as fragrances. The Grow and Make DIY Deluxe Goat Milk Soap Making Kit just really well thought out. This was the kit that originally made me realize that my essential oil collection was the perfect set of fragrances for my soaps and that I should never buy any old fragrance oil.

I also really like the goat milk soap in the kit, although I am not sure I don’t like the shea butter in the first kit a little better. That, however, is more of a personal thing.

While I am not really that interested in the molds myself (I am fine with just plain bars or cuts from a long box mold) I really like these shapes for gifts. You can always find square, rectangular, and box molds all over the place but finding nice, tasteful, artistic mold patterns like these makes this kit really great addition to my list of the best soap making kits.


Hibiscus and Lavender Goat Milk Glycerin Soap Making Kit by Chelseas

The Hibiscus and Lavender Goat Milk Glycerin Soap Making Kit by Chelseas 4is a fantastic kit to make soap for yourself. Not only does it include fragrances and colorants like the other kits, but it also included vitamin e capsules,  crushed hibiscus flowers and dried lavender buds.

This results in producing some fantastic soaps which not only look and smell great but feel fantastic as well. Did I mention that the goat milk and vitamin e are great for your skin too?

If you are looking for the most indulgent soap without all the frills, this is one of the best soap making kits for you. Chelseas also makes a wide array of other kits, fragrances, molds, and other soap making essentials.


R.E.D. Soap Making Starter Soap Kit by Essential Depot

To be a little different I have added the  R.E.D. Soap Making Starter Soap Kit by Essential Depot 5to my best soap making kits list. So what makes this kit different than every other kit on this list? Several things actually.

The first difference between this kit and the others is this is an oil-based kit using a blend of olive and coconut oils instead of a milk or shea butter based product. All of the bases of the kits in this list, including this one, produce amazing soaps.

The second difference is this is the only kit that includes actual lye. Yes, even melt and pour kits made from things like goat milk have at some point reacted with or had lye introduced into them, but the soap making kits themselves probably don’t contain a bottle marked lye.

What does this mean for this kit? It means you need to be a little careful with the lye included in the kit, but other than that, it means you are getting a different kind of soap which you may like better or worse than the others. Personally, I like the shea butter the best, this oil base next, and standard goat milk base the least.

Now someone is going to read this as I don’t like goat milk-based soaps, and that is not true at all.  If everything else such as fragrance is the same, I would prefer my base to be shea butter or an oil base instead of goat milk. But I certainly will not shy away from using a goat milk-based bar of soap. Particularly if it has a better fragrance or is sufficiently cheaper than the alternatives.


I hope you enjoyed my article on the best soap making kits!

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