Best Screwdriver Set for Watch Repair

Getting the best screwdriver set for watch repair you can is an absolute necessity and probably your most used watch repair tools. Sure, other tools are important, but no other tool has the capability to permanently destroy your watch faster and more completely than the simple screwdriver. It is also the tool most capable of causing you the most frustration while trying to repair watches.

Blades that don’t fit exactly right, or ones that break and bend the tips, are absolutely the thing that makes me the maddest when I am trying to repair a watch. This is why I opted to get the best screwdriver set for watch repair for the money I could, and it has served me well.

A few things go into choosing a set which includes the quality of precision screwdriver set, price of the set, whether replacement blades are included, and believe it or not, the holder for the set. Yes, you need a quality holder for your screwdrivers while you work so you can easily and quickly get the tool you need.

5 Piece Micro Precision Jewelry Screwdriver Set - best screwdriver set for watch repair

First up is the set I think offers a reasonably good entry-level set for people who are repairing their first watch. This 5 Piece Micro Precision Jewelry Screwdriver Set includes some replacement blades and when used properly, does a reasonable job. There is no doubt this is a budget set, it doesn’t even include a holder or stand, but when used with care, you can actually repair a few watches with them.

I would not suggest you use this set on an old or vintage watch as the blades will tend to deform and ruin the screws when dealing with screws that have been in a while.

I do like the fact that it has replaceable blades, and that the drivers are color-coded so you can get used to grabbing the right one by color (that is how the professional sets are).

Overall this is intended for a first set for someone who wants to try their hand at watch repair.


EuroTool SCR-980.00

If you are a little more serious about your watch repair, I suggest the EuroTool SCR-980.00 9 Piece Screwdriver Set. This is a fairly high-quality set of French-made watchmakers screwdrivers suitable for the repair bench of many small shops or just the hobbyist who wants good tools.

It comes with a set of spare blades and a rotating base that houses the spares under a center cap in the base. The drivers are color-coded allowing for easy identification and use. Grips on the drivers are well done and offer the right amount of texture without being too harsh.

This set is basically a copy of the Bergeon 5970 we will discuss next but isn’t quite as smooth and I don’t think the blades are quite as well done. Overall, perfectly serviceable and a set that many budding watchmakers have on their bench. If you want a truly budget set of watchmaking screwdrivers, this is the set.


Bergeon 5970 Screwdriver Set

Now we come to the one I personally use all the time, the Bergeon 5970 9 Piece Screwdriver Set. Most beginners will think this is an expensive screwdriver set, it is not. At best, this is a midrange set aimed at the high-end hobbyist or lower-volume watch repair professional. It is a higher-end set than what you will see the people who change batteries at Wal-Mart use, but usually below your local horologist shop. It is, however, about the best screwdriver set for repairing watches for the money.

Bergeon watch tools are known for quality and you will see their name all over this website in recommendations and reviews. There is a reason for that. When you are working with objects so small they require magnification in order to work on them, the quality of the tools you use is very important. Bergeon delivers.

The blades are precisely sized so they fix exactly making sure that the bit’s grip on the screw is as good as it can be. You will also find that the blades are the perfect balance of hardness so they won’t bend, and softness so they won’t break. I have broken and few in my day but that is a rare occurrence and always my fault.

Fortunately, there are spare blades under the center cap of the carousel which can be quickly swapped out and you will learn to keep multiple spares of certain sizes.

The best thing I can say about this set is that I truly believe this is the best screwdriver set for watch repair without spending insane amounts of money. After years of use, I still love them and am happy I made the purchase.


Bergeon 3044a Screwdriver Set

Lastly, we come to the Bergeon 3044A 10 PC Watchmakers Screwdriver Set which is considered to be a top tier professional Bergeon screwdriver set for the professional watchmaker. Yes, they make more expensive sets, but we have reached the point where anything above this gains you very little while costing you a substantial amount more.

This set is right at home in some of the highest-end shops in the world and that quality shows. I am not sure the blades are any higher quality than the set I use daily but the drivers themselves while looking similar, have a different feel. Perhaps it is because my 5970s are several years older and this set was brand new, or maybe it is just a nicer set. Either way, the drivers and bits are either the same as the 5970 set or just a tad nicer, almost negligible.

The real difference here is the base which is larger, smoother, and heavier than that used on the 5970 making it really nice to use. They have also removed the center cap and bit holders and instead use small tubes on the outside edge of the base to hold multiple replacement bits instead of just the one in my 5970. I like that.

You will be surprised how much a difference the base makes when you do this all day long, and Bergeon knows this, that’s why they make the best screwdriver set for watch repair on the planet as well as some of the finest watchmakers tools you can buy.

I hope this article has helped you pick out the best screwdriver set for watch repair.


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